Advice and Articles on Getting Closer to Your Kids

Ideas and Advice from a Mother of Five
Why spend more time with your children? Well, have you ever heard someone on their deathbed saying they wished they had gotten another pay raise or they wished they had bought another boat? I am guessing that most of the time, people wish for more time with family and friends, or that they had been less selfish and etc. You can be done with your employment and feel like you just wasted a few years of your life, but time will never be wasted when it is spent with your children. There are many benefits for you as well as for your children when you spend quality time with them. Your children grow up fast. There is no rewind button. They are only little once. Take advantage of it and enjoy it while you can. Of course there are demands that you simply cannot ignore, and most of us wish we worked shorter hours. But with the time you have, do not miss out on being with your children.

Woman holding her baby during a sunset. 

Benefits for You

Spending fun time with your children builds your relationship with them. It builds connection and trust. The relationships you build with your children will last forever, while the relationships you build while at work may or may not last. The stronger the relationship, the more you will be included in their lives after they move away. The activities you do can also be calming and distressing for you after a long day of work as well.

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Benefits for Your Children

Spending time with your children will help them become emotionally stable and well-rounded in life. They will learn social skills from spending time with you, as well as learning motor skills and others that will be helpful in their schooling and life. The relationship and trust you create as you spend time with them will help them be able to come to you when they have problems or need advice as they grow.